Win a game pack from 999 Games

If you like board games, card games, and strategic games, then perhaps you've come across the online shop 999 Games. With titles such as Catan, 30 Seconds, Halli Galli, Regenwormen and Carcassonne, the store has hundreds of options. Young or old, beginner or expert, you're sure to find something to your liking there.

Special game pack
Some of DUB's recent articles showed how difficult the lockdown has been for many students, who are feeling lonely, bored, and forgotten. That's why we've teamed up with 999 Games to assemble a game pack we think could help students cope with these hard times. The pack comprises three categories related to students' current needs, each one containing a corresponding game. Click on the title of each game to see its rules and a video tutorial.

  • Classes, learning, stimulating your intellect
    999 Games recommends Clever, a tactic dice game with five minigames. Challenging and addictive.
  • Teamwork and contact with classmates
    999 Games recommends Exit, an escape room that you can play at home. Ideal for those who like collaborating with others.
  • Parties and student associations
    999 Games recommends Stay Cool, a party game focused on multitasking. Made for three players or more. 

How to participate
Would you like to get your hands on one of the two packs we're giving away? Then send an e-mail to no later than April 12, telling us why you'd like to have it. Don't forget to also send us your full name, phone number, and address. Winners will get a message from us.

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