And two weeks for cyclists

Cambridgelaan closed to car traffic for a few months

Photo: Julie Nijburg

In the meadow west of the Cambridge flat, preparatory work has already started for the construction of the International School Utrecht (ISU). Contractor Schagen Infra is busy with groundwork and digging waterways on the construction site.

Sewer work will start on Monday, December 18, and part of Cambridgelaan will be closed to motorised traffic. Cars will be diverted via Leuvenlaan, Universiteitsweg and Bolognalaan. Visitors to the Parking Garage on Cambridgelaan will have to drive via Bolognalaan. These activities will take place from December 18 to mid-February.

Cyclists will be bothered by these works from January 2-12, 2024. The cycle path will be closed during this period and cyclists will be diverted via Oxfordpad, Padualaan and Coïmbrapad.

Bouwterrein Cambridgelaan

Foto: Universiteit Utrecht

The work starts at seven in the morning and ends around four in the afternoon. Where possible, electrical appliances are used to minimise noise pollution. Earlier this year, construction of the new High Five student complex started to the east of the Cambridge flat. Although an attempt was made here to keep noise to a minimum, the residents of Cambridgelaan still experienced a lot of noise pollution. The building is also partially covered in scaffolding because SSH is replacing the fire-hazardous facade panels. The International School Utrecht, which offers primary and secondary education, has approximately 1,200 students. Construction was announced years ago. The school will be put into use in 2026.