New subsidy regulations may be great deal for sailors and rowers

Photo: DUB

Last month, the four associations best known as 'Shot' – SPIN, Histos, Orca, and Triton – complained about their struggles negotiating a new subsidy scheme with Mesa Cosa. A proposal proposed by the four associations themselves had just been rejected.

Shortly after, Mesa Cosa came up with its own plan for a new subsidy system, which seems to be well-received by the associations.

Issues resolved
Neither Mesa Cosa nor the associations want to disclose the content of the new proposal, as the associations have yet to discuss it amongst themselves.

However, it’s clear that two of Shot's main complaints have been addressed. The associations will no longer be forced to buy annual cards for sports centre Olympos. In addition, they will receive subsidies in cash.

The four associations had to oblige first-year members to acquire an Olympos card, but they didn't want to charge their new members any additional fees, especially because the members probably wouldn't use the facilities at the Utrecht Science Park as the associations have their own facilities. 

The associations will only receive subsidies from Mesa Cosa for non-freshman students who register for an Olympos sports card.

Reflecting on the proposal
Olympos Director Cees Verhoef, who is negotiating with the associations on behalf of the sports foundation, says there's been a new calculation. The new subsidy proposed by Mesa Cosa proposal is a lot lower than what the associations themselves had suggested but higher than the subsidies they currently get.

Verhoef: “We need to be able to defend our proposal to other sports associations whose members do pay for our sports cards. We can’t just give the Shot associations the same amount of subsidy per member.”

Verhoef hopes to establish the new regulations for four years with automatic renewal. The associations have until June 1 to make their decision.

Triton treasurer Philippa Steensma says the associations will spend the next few weeks reflecting on the Mesa Cosa calculations as well as on other details concerning the new proposal. Further discussions with the sports foundation are to follow. The subject may also be put on the agenda of the associations’ meetings with the members.

Steensma: “But in any case, we’re very happy that, after all this time, we’ve received a good, concrete proposal from Mesa Cosa.”