Pilot for refugees in science will continue

Creative commons: pixabay

Scientists with a refugee status can fill in a form to apply for a grant of a maximum of 140,000 euros. To be eligible, they need to at least hold a Master’s degree or a PhD. The programme ‘Hestia – Impulse for Refugees in Science’ was developed in collaboration with The Young Academy, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences, and the Foundation for Refugee Students, UAF.

Just like last year, candidates are linked to project leaders or current research projects that are already receiving funds from NWO or ZonMw. Refugees can pitch their own ideas or search for a suitable project on the NWO website.

If the application is accepted, the refugee scientists can use the grant to work for at least 12 months and no more than 24 months as junior or senior researcher. The Hestia project will continue for at least two more years.