Recruiting for political positions is not allowed on university grounds

In 2016, the Socialist Party campaigning in De Uithof, which is no longer allowed.

It was not always clear whether a political party was allowed to recruit voters on, for example, the grounds of Utrecht Science Park. Or that a sponsor of a Formula 1 team was allowed to hand out free cans of liquor. The university has now tightened and laid down the rules. Political parties, religious and philosophical institutions have nothing to do with promotion here. People who are not affiliated with the UU and who hold a signature campaign should not come to the Utrecht Science Park, the International Campus or a UU site in the city center either.

With this policy, many unwritten rules have been laid down on paper. This puts an end to the confusion that has been going on for years. For example, there was debate about the International Socialists distributing newspapers in the square near the University Library in De Uithof, and about the BNN which was looking for new members among students. According to the policy, this type of activity will no longer occur.

It is now clear that permission for a promotional activity must be requested in advance. That has not always been the case, says communication officer Tanja Krieger. If no permission has been requested, the staff of the Facility Service Center can refer to the policy to ask people to stop their promotion activity. This includes, for example, promotions in which companies slide unsolicited covers onto bicycle seats.

Laying down a stack of flyers is now officially prohibited as well. This is because of the idea that flyers are not sustainable. If organizations still want to hand out paper, this is only permitted in exceptional cases and with the permission of the Facility Service Center. The flyer may only be put directly into the hands of a person.

Who can still organize promotional activities are student organizations and study associations of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht that are recognized by the university, and then only for their own organization. Students and staff of the participation council may only hold a promotional campaign in the context of the elections. Employees receive permission for such an activity if, for example, their goal is to increase ticket sales at a faculty party or to raise a topic relevant to the university.

Commercial partners and caterers from UU who want to draw attention to a clear interest for students or employees can also receive permission for an action, as well as students or employees who carry out an action for a good cause. The policy is effective immediately.