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Still five UU students abroad against their will


There are still five students from Utrecht who would like to return to the Netherlands, but are unable to do so because of the corona measures. The students are in Cameroon, Peru, and Australia.

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According to the university, the students are in good health and stay in a safe place. Further details about the students and their specific situation cannot be given by the university. Moreover, although there is close contact with the students involved, UU cannot rule out the possibility that the students involved have been able to arrange a flight to the Netherlands by now.

All five of them have reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the ‘Meldpunt Bijzondere Bijstand Buitenland’ (Special Assistance Abroad Registration) at least. This week, the Ministry announced that almost 10,000 Dutch people were still stranded in a foreign country as a result of the corona measures. In the meantime, 14,000 Dutch people have returned to the Netherlands, with or without the help of Foreign Affairs.

Earlier, DUB reported on the difficult return journey of a group of Utrecht Cultural Anthropology students in Guatemala. It is also known that some UU students choose to stay in the country where they are studying or doing research.

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