Radio show survey shows

Students are pessimistic about the housing market

It is getting harder and harder for university students to find a suitable place to live. Photo: DUB

About 29,000 people responded to EenVandaag's survey, including two hundred students. News outlets published by universities and universities of applied sciences participated as well.  

One of the takeaways from the study is that students spend a relatively high percentage of their income on rent. Half of the students who responded to the survey say that rent takes up half of their income or more. That proportion is much lower among the remaining respondents. Almost 90 percent of the students also report paying more rent than the maximum budget they had initially set for themselves.

In addition, the survey reveals that students are more open to considering alternative living options. A tiny house sounds like a feasible idea to 60 percent of the students, while among other groups that percentage drops to a mere 20 percent.

When asked whether they have ever experienced any annoying or inappropriate situations with their landlords, most respondents said the relationship with the proprietor isn't bad. 43 percent of those surveyed report having dealt with a landlord who didn't want to do any maintenance or reparations to the property, while 20 percent had to deal with an unexpected visit by the landlord. Although the percentage of people who feel unsafe around their landlords is low, women are more likely than men to feel that way.