Due to renovation

Time for residents of the Orange TWC building to decide on move

The orange building. Photo: DUB

In October 2023, SSH announced its intention to renovate the three high-rise buildings that form the Tuindorp West Complex. But, to do so, residents must leave. SSH has chosen to tackle the buildings one at a time. The red one was first, followed by the orange one, which now sees its turn arrive.

All three buildings have a monumental status, so the plan is to return them to their original state while striving to make them as sustainable as possible. The renovation work includes replacing the facades, roof, windows, bathrooms, toilets and showers. The living rooms will also be enlarged to achieve a more efficient layout.

Those living in the orange building have been presented with a social plan that is slightly different than the one received by the residents of the red building. The main difference is that those living in the orange building can move to the red building once renovations are done. They will keep the net basic rent as well as their current housemates, provided they are all still studying. Due to this option, the arrangement offered to residents of the red building (in which they will be given priority when applying for rooms or homes in other SSH buildings) does not apply to residents of the orange one

Like their counterparts in the red building, the residents of the orange building will have the option to return after the renovation is done. Those who choose to do this will be assigned an alternate home during the renovation – in the low-rise building or the yellow building, for example.

Thirteen residents of the red building have indicated that they want to return to the same building after the renovation, so a one-on-one move from orange to red is not guaranteed. However, SSH expects this will not be a problem. Residents who are no longer studying are only offered to move to a home with a youth contract, for example. When a house transfers only some of its residents to the red building, SSH will offer the rest of the rooms in the new house to students with the longest registration time, based on direct allocation. The so-called "hospitality evenings", when applicants are invited to come over so that housemates can decide who will get to move in, will not be possible in this case. 

Empty rooms will still be rented out, but as of yesterday, tenants will only receive contracts if they agree to the renovation and the social plan. All schemes in the social plan also apply to this group, except the relocation allowance. Until July, SSH will meet the residents and tighten the social plan to accommodate them if necessary and/or possible, as it did with the residents of the red building. The voting round will take place in the autumn. If the 70-percent approval is achieved, the renovation is expected to begin in the fall of 2025. The red building must be empty by October 15, 2024.