Students protest for the environment

'UU should only offer plant-based food and drinks'

Handtekeningen verzamelen voor de UB, foto Plant-Based Universities Utrecht
Students collect signatures in front of the library. Photo: Plant-Based Universities Utrecht

On Monday, February 5, the protesters placed a table in front of the Utrecht Science Park library, to inform passersby of their initiative. They would like canteens and catering services at the university to be 100 percent plant-based. "If the universities have anything to say about that, so do food trucks," says Christina.

The Dutch branch of the action group Plant-Based Universities started its campaign yesterday at six different universities across the country. The students aim to collect as many signatures as possible in support of their open letter, which asks university managers to switch to plant-based cantering because that is better for the climate. Their argument is supported by scientific research.

Plant-Based Universities is an international initiative involving several European universities, which find that universities have the responsibility to act according to scientific research about the impact exerted by the meat, dairy and fishing industries on the climate. A total of 1,200 academics, medical professionals and public figures have manifested their support to the letter so far.