Foto: Bart Weerdenburg

UU staff and students dine and speak with foreign speakers ​​in the Academy Building


On Monday, April 1, eighty UU students and members of staff spoke with eighty foreign speakers in the Academy Building under the motto “Utrechters talking with Utrechters”. The official language was Dutch. The initiative came from the Taal Doet Meer (“Language Does More”) organization, which had previously approached Utrecht University.

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Upon arrival, the guests were instructed “to have four nice conversations” during dinner. The tables in the auditorium were already set. Everyone was allocated a place so that the guests with a mother tongue other than Dutch and UU people were coupled up.

It was the third time that Taal Doet Meer organized such a meeting. The intention is to introduce foreigners to Dutch people and to practice the language. This time the location for the conversations was the Academy Building. Both UU staff and students came to the meeting. Discussions focused on topics such as the scientific field of the researchers and the experiences of foreign speakers with Dutch culture.

“I met a professor for the first time in my life and obtained much knowledge from it,” a participant writes on the website of Taal Doet Meer. Another participant found it inspiring that only Dutch was spoken. “That way I could practice the language. My conversation partners were very patient.”



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