Your house can win 500 euros

Vidius creates prize to highlight students' positive contribution to neighbourhoods

Photo: DUB

You have until May 17 to register your student house for the Good Neighbour Prize (link in Dutch only, Ed.), an award for the most socially involved student house. "We want to make this award as broad as possible," says Vidius chair Midas Urlings. If you and your roommates are active members of your community, organising potlucks for the neighbourhood, sweeping pavements or making soup for those in need, to name but a few examples of good deeds, you can have a chance at winning 500 euros. It doesn't matter how you help your neighbours, as long as you contribute to a nice and friendly neighbourhood. 

Through this prize, Vidius aims to combat the stereotype of students being bad neighbours who make too much noise and damage things. Research (in Dutch only, Ed.) shows that students are actually among the most active members of their communities: many of them volunteer and contribute significantly to the local economy. By highlighting students who are socially involved, the student union hopes to improve students' reputation.