Are you UU's most average international student?

The most average student might be among this group of freshmen attending the introduction week of 2020. Who knows? Photo: DUB

Each year, DUB publishes its Promising Fifteen list, which features interviews with students who won academic prizes or Olympic Medals. But some argue that articles like that only cause students to feel even more pressured to perform, as though they're not doing enough. So, now it's time for DUB to put the spotlight on the average UU student.

Are you a student "just" pursuing your diploma? You're not travelling to space alongside Jeff Bezos and you're not bound to win an Olympic medal? You're not part of several boards, councils and committees? You don't have thousands of followers on YouTube or Instagram? You're not planning on competing in a beauty pageant? Then we're looking for you!

Please answer our questionnaire, it only takes five minutes. You can do it through the link or through the form below. The student whose answers are the closest to the average will be invited for an interview and a photoshoot. We're also going to give this person a special prize.

If you're Dutch, please answer our questionnaire in DutchDUB is looking for both the most average Dutch student and the most average international student, which is why we have two separate questionnaires.