A lab as a workplace

Image Caption: Dries van Oosten in the Ornstein lab occupies himself with nanophotonics, August 2012 photo Maartje ter Horst

In the Tectonics Laboratory both experimental and numerical methods are used to better understand the tectonic deformation processes. These are processes that occur in the lithosphere of the earth, for example: the breaking away of the earth's crust or the formation of mountains, says university professor Dimitrios Sokoutis. (Photo Ivar Pel February 2018)

The Department of Physical Geography works with The Metronome, a 20-meter-long container in which tidal currents can be simulated. And that is not just a box: “This is the only set-up in the world that works in this way,” says PhD Lisanne Braat. (Photo Ivar Pel, September 2016)

Thomas Peitzmann is a professor of subatomic physics and is stationed in the Buys Ballot Building. He is working on the particle accelerator of CERN in Geneva. (Photo Ivar Pel, September 2014)

Zerrin Yumak is a university professor at the Department of Information & Computing Sciences. She conducts research in the Motion Capture Laboratory where she investigates social and emotional behavior to create virtual characters. (photo Ivar Pel, February 2017)

Petra van Bergeijk was a PhD candidate of cell biology at the time of this photo. She works in a dark room in the Kruyt building. Here, she sends and manipulates the transport in a living cell with blue laser light, by making clever use of existing transport systems in the cell. She now works as a postdoc in America. (photo Ivar Pel, March 2015)

The freezer of Carina van der Veen, where the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht stores ice from Antarctica or Greenland. The lab is in the Buys Ballot building. (photo Maartje Terhorst, 2012)

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