Please increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion at the USP

A colourful symbol that permanently draws attention to the importance of diversity and inclusion regarding cultural background, gender, and sexual orientation cannot be absent at one of the most important campuses of our country. In December, we called on Utrecht's city council to increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion not only in the city centre, but in other neighbourhoods as well. Today, we make the same call to the educational institutions at the Utrecht Science Park.

We are happy to see that both Utrecht University and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences are working to shape their diversity and inclusion policies in their own unique ways. It is important to have a safe learning and working environment, where everyone feels at home and is able to develop themselves, regardless of their gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, or physical abilities.

Of course, substantial proposals which are appropriate to an educational institution are of great importance in order to make solid progress. At the same time, we must not forget that visibility is equally important. Utrecht Science Park is a neighbourhood in Utrecht where many young people find themselves on a daily basis. This is where the future of our country is taking shape, which is why we believe it is an important place to make diversity and inclusion visible in a concrete way.

Universities of Applied Sciences were not included in the recent national action plan for diversity and inclusion. We therefore ask the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University, and the municipality of Utrecht to join forces on this issue and make diversity and inclusion more visible on campus. After all, progress does not happen by itself. We need each other for that.

Co-signed by:

- Dutch Student Union (LSVb)

- COC Central Netherlands

- Maryse Leloup, educational advisor Utrecht University

- Students4Students

- Nine de Jonge, Lecturer Utrecht University

- Colored Qollective

- Working Group Diversity, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

- Felix van Vught, Lecturer, Educational Advisor and Trainer, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

- GSA Utrecht University

- Aukje Molenaar, Study Advisor Humanities UU

- Corporate Queer

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