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Twenty-five percent of UU students play Utrecht2040 game

Main goal of sustainability education is to point towards solutions


Petition Scientists for Future Utrecht

It’s time to end UU collaborations with fossil fuel giants

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Historic SSH buildings will get double glazing

‘It’s inconvenient, but the construction workers are very sweet’


Sustainability dialogue: UU as a driver of social change

UU will help society move forward in 2050 with word and deed

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Take your broken belongings to Repair Café

'Guys, please fix this device. It's not working'


KNAW and NWO are reluctant to sever ties with the fossil industry

Scientists join climate march


You can buy a UU mug for 20 euros

UU to get rid of disposable cups as of November 1


No network operator needed

UU's solar park: ‘It’s absolutely marvelous’


University in need of organisational adjustment

‘UU should do more to reach its sustainability goals'