Studying without stress

Students are feeling more and more under pressure, especially after the pandemic. That's why DUB is delving into the topic in a dedicated magazine titled Vallen en Opstaan (Falling Down and Getting Back Up, Ed). On this page, you'll find the translation of all the articles from the magazine and much more.

In depth

An abundance of choice between the sheets

Why you wonder if you’re dating the right person

In depth

How Esmee managed to get a Bachelor's:

‘I took an exam while I was in labour’

In depth

How Wicky deals with autism and ADHD as a student:

‘I don’t let what others say influence me’

In depth

A conversation with student psychologists

How are UU students really doing?

In depth

Made by students for students

DUB launches magazine about students' mental health


Finally a platform that keeps it real

More real than Instagram


One third of UU's Master's students has symptoms

Students demanding too much of themselves risk burning out

In depth

Half of them don't want to ask for help

DUB's quick stress test: 75 percent of students stressed out often or all the time