DUBstagram: Dude, where's my bike?

The scourge of many: trying to find your way around the clutter of bikes to the one that's yours. This week's DUBstagram: Zuzanna's frustrating search for her bike.

Instagram handle: @zuzanna_zuz

"My name is Zuzanna Sieczkowska. I'm from Poland, am currently a law student, and have only been in Utrecht since the end of August."

What do you think of Utrecht so far?
"I can adjust very quickly so it took me only a couple of days to get used to the city. I bought a bike - and I fell down of course, because riding here can be pretty dangerous. Because of the weather, I had to rethink my hairstyle and make-up and I had to learn to love raincoats (yes, let's forget about fashion for some time). 

"In spite of all that, I adore the city, the people who smile all the time, the courses I attend, the Dutch language, the Dutch directness and even the weather's moods."

What's the story behind this picture?
"Ah, trying to find my bike! It's a fun story - I took this picture a few minutes before losing my bike key. I accidentally dropped it in the canal. It was one of those slow motion moments, watching my key disappear in the water.

"I had to drag my bike to the nearest bike shop to get the lock destroyed. So basically, when I'd finally found my bike it didn't do me any good... took quite the adventure before I was able to ride my bike again!"

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