DUBstagram: Study with a view

This week's DUBstagram comes courtesy of exchange student Micaela, who's enjoying the view while studying at the Drift.

Instagram handle: @zaslabsky

My name is Micaela. I'm from Argentina, and I'm a student at Valencia University in Spain, studying Translation and Intercultural Mediation. Right now, I'm doing my Erasmus exchange at the UU, studying Linguistics. 

Have you been here long?
I have been here for more than three months, because I came during the summer to do an intensive Dutch course.

Do you like Utrecht?
I really like the Netherlands, but I am in love with this city. If I am a little bit under the weather, I always walk around the Oudegracht or I go inside one of the amazing cafés you can find everywhere here and I feel way better instantly. I do not want to leave this place. It is absolutely beautiful, cozy, calm and interesting.

Where was this picture taken?
It was taken at the Faculty of Humanities at the Drift. I was studying, preparing for a seminar in Dutch Present-day Society, and the view struck me as so amazing, with the Dom Tower right outside the window.