- Have you ever been fascinated by interdisciplinary team effort solving societal challenges?
- Do you or do you know any Master’s students and/or PhD candidates who want to team up and make more accomplishments in their spare time?

If so, the CCSS Complexaton 2021-2022 has collect more exciting challenges, and once again we will issue a €1000 cash prize for the winning team!

Join the Online Kickoff Meeting@16:00 Jan 27 >>


Programme@16:00 Thursday January 27:

16:00-16:10 Welcome & Overall setup of Complexaton 2021-2022
16:10-16:30 Q&A session with challenge representatives
16:30-17:00 Meet&Match session in corresponding Teams channels


  • A €1000 cash prize for the winning team.
  • Closely working together with teammates from other disciplines.
  • Solving a societal challenge from our CCSS external members/partners.
  • Five-month CCSS Junior Membership (February 14, 2022 to July 1, 2022) with which you can work/study at the CCSS.

Challenges (presentations are available by clicking the "Video"):

  • Challenge 1: The one and only - Develop a grapevine phenological model that works for all grapevine varieties (Video, Slides, Description)
  • Paul Petersik, VineForecast UG
  • Join Teams Channel for Challenge 1 to meet the representative Paul Petersik, and other potential teammates
  • Challenge 2: Diversity and perturbation relationship in spatially implicit high dimensional models (Video, Slides, Description)
  • Dr. Rubén Díaz Sierra, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
  • Dr. Mara Baudena, National Research Council of Italy
    to meet representatives Dr. Rubén Díaz Sierra and Dr. Mara Baudena, and other potential teammates
  • Join Teams Channel for Challenge 2
  • Challenge 3: Robustness under large perturbations for Complex Adaptive Systems (Video, Slides, Description)
  • Dr. Deb Panja,Utrecht University
  • Prof. dr. Sander van Doorn, University of Groningen
  • Join Teams Channel for Challenge 3 to meet representatives: Dr. Deb Panja and Prof. dr. Sander van Doorn, and other potential teammates
  • Challenge 4: Developing future scenarios on social cohesion in the Netherlands (Video, Slides, Description)
  • Dr. Joris Broere, Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP)
  • Join Teams Channel for Challenge 4 to meet representative Dr. Joris Broere, and other potential teammates