Are you wondering how to present outcomes of your research internship via audio-visual methods? Look no further! Make use of mobile devices for information gathering and audio-visual storytelling, to document and present the outcomes of your work.

This practical workshop (March 17th, 14.00-17.00) explores the ways that you can integrate video, audio, photography and text in an audio-visual report/essay or an explainer video. It introduces basic methods of documentary filmmaking, interviewing ‘on camera’, sound recording and key aspects of camerawork.  The session helps you work within the technological limits of inexpensive handheld devices, while exploring the possibilities these devices offer for immediate and immersive journalism and storytelling.

The workshop is organized by Community-based Research for the Humanities and facilitated by Sanne Sprenger. Our project helps students and lecturers join forces with civic partners from the (local) community to connect the teaching and learning of research skills to real-world issues.

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