Auke Ferwenda: Eight questions

Auke (19) divides his time between sport and study. Aperfectionist and materialist, he is also a devoted member of theCollege Fraternity.

Why did you come to University College?

I believe that UC gives you a good start in terms of futurefinancial and social perspectives. I want to explore the world someday, and you need an international education for that. I want toexperience the best part of life, have it all, and UC is a means toachieve that. Besides, I just feel like playing around a little bitbefore I start with a professional career.

What is the worst aspect of yourpersonality?

Materialism. I want to possess things; I mean trendy, goodquality ones. In that sense money is important to me.

What character trait annoys you most inothers?


What is your favorite movie?

`Reservoir dogs'. Although it shows a lot of brutality andanimalism, there are some very realistic aspects to it. Besides, itproves that you can make a good movie on a very low budget. Whenyou consider the standard expenses in the movie industry nowadays,it is a remarkable achievement.

What do you want to be in 25 years?

I want to be happy. I'd like to feel good about myself in 25years, however, I don't know now what happiness will mean to me atthat age.

What do you dislike most about UC?

The gossiping. When so many people live so close to each other,they start telling stories. I am also dissatisfied with the food atUC. I think the vegetarian menu is not varied enough, and that thatshould be taken into consideration in a place where a number ofpeople from different backgrounds are gathered.

Who is your favorite writer?

Leon de Winter. He writes about the glamour of life, and thetragedies and intrigues behind it. With their Eastern Europeansettings, his stories are usually pretty exciting. I think thatentertainment is not appreciated enough in Dutch literature.

What is the event you're least looking forwardto?

Death. I believe there's life after death, but it must bedifferent from what we have here. People tend to fear things theydo not know. Our society is so proud of its so-called civilizationand progress, but we can't even explain our own creation.

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