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The symposium is set to provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, featuring a diverse range of interdisciplinary speakers hailing from Canada and the Netherlands.  This international event extends a warm welcome to academic faculty and students on both sides of the Atlantic, aiming to foster a balanced, respectful, and impartial dialogue.

            Through these discussions and debates, attendees will gain a deeper and more objective understanding of the complex dynamics driving the ongoing armed conflict, both locally and globally.  Furthermore, the symposium will highlight the ways that these events are being taught on both sides of the Atlantic.

            The audience can expect to acquire valuable tools and deeper contextual understanding that will enhance their comprehension of the conflict and its far-reaching implications. Ultimately, this event encourages critical reflection on the prospects for ending the violence in the midst of these intricate challenges.

Symposium Programme

The symposium comprises a scheduled 2-hour programme featuring guest speakers, round-table discussions, and audience Q&A, with an additional and optional 30 minutes for those who wish to prolong the conversation.  Talks will be given by 5 key speakers, each one speaking for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Aside from a brief Introduction and Closing Remarks, the symposium is divided into 4 parts:


Symposium Organisers

Prof. Keith Thor Carlson (UFV; keith.carlson@ufv.ca), Dr Mario A. Fumerton (Utrecht U.; m.a.fumerton@uu.nl), Dr Simeon Paravantes (Utrecht U.; s.s.z.paravantes@uu.nl)


  • Welcome & Introduction 


    • 1-Dr Simeon Paravantes (Utrecht University, History of Warfare and International relations)




  • Part 4: ROUNDTABLE + Q&A
    • What pathways exist for ending the violence? (4 min. each)



  • Closing Remarks



Date:                  28 November 2023

Time:                 19.00hrs – 21.30 CET for Utrecht University.; 

10:00hrs – 12.20 PST for University of the Frazer Valley

Format:             Hybrid (online via Zoom + physical classrooms at UU & UFV)

Language:         English

Locations:         Drift 25, R.1.02, Utrecht.

                            Evered Hall (Student Union Building), UFV

Zoom Link:       https://ufv-ca.zoom.us/w/66023453659?tk=1ySCEc_6WBJckUHoJ6b4gHduLyhn9uoeUtIboVftCP8.DQUAAAAPX03z2xZNMUxMTGhvUlJCR05FYk03ZGh5dG53AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=Y2QyRTU2SHhqOWlXOUxVRmczYmtrQT09