Capoeira Angola is back in Utrecht! You can find us at the gym of Koekoeksplein 2A in de Vogelenbuurt. Trainings are on Thursdays from 8-9.30 pm and include classes in music, movements, Afro-Brazilian history and philosophy. Come and try a free lesson and get a taste of this fascinating martial art!

Capoeira Angola is an ancient martial art of African origin. The fundaments came to Brazil in colonial times, in the hearts and minds of enslaved Africans. For them it was a way to preserve their cultural identity. Capoeira is an unique form of art, for not only it is used for self-expression through music and dance, it is also an instrument to develop abilities for self-defence and resistance against the setbacks of everyday life.



Capoeira is created by two persons, in a circle of people playing percussive instruments. The game is playful yet dangerous. It’s a wordless, flowing dialogue using kicks, diversions, head butts and acrobatics to trick the opponent and mark his or her vulnerabilities.

Be invited to come and learn more about this fascinating art, the movements, the music, the history and philosophy!

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