A comparison between UCU and UU students' budgets

The University College staff is proud of itsintellectual elite, but denies that the College can only beattended by the very rich. It is argued that expenses are the samefor both College and University students. Besides, there arescholarships for students from abroad, and if Dutch students needfinancial support, an extra loan can be

arranged. However, the figures, giving theexpenditure per month from September until July, show that expensesfor University and College students are not the same.

Rent :425 guilders Room and board 1200 guilders

Shopping 300 guilders

Textbooks50 guilders Textbooks 100 guilders

College fee 275 guilders College fee 275 guilders

Insurance 50 guilders Insurance 50


Telephone: 25 guilders Telephone 25 guilders

Transport 30 guilders Transport 25


Clothing 80 guilders Clothing 75


Going out 75 guilders Going out 50


Contributions 40 guilders Contributions 25 guilders

Total 1350 guilders* Total 1825 guilders

Dirkjan Koch

* NIBUD, Student op kamers komt moeilijker rond,persbericht 31 augustus