EP: Re-registration with the University

All students who are currently registered at Utrecht University, have received a re-registration form by mail in May. If you did not receive such a form, please check your address information in Osiris to make sure this is still valid. A copy can be retreived from the Student Services desk in the Uithof (Heidelberglaan 8).

Re-registration with the University

Non-EU/EEA students who also need to apply for an extension of their residence permit can ask for their re-registration to be processed with priority. Please hand the form in at the Student Services desk and let them know you need proof of enrolment for the IND.

Residence permit extensions

The International Office would like to remind all non-EU/EEA students who are continuing their studies next year that they need to apply for an extension of their residence permit.

For instructions and forms, please visit www.uu.nl/visa > Extension of the residence permit. Some students may receive a form in the mail from the IND. However, this form is in Dutch, so you may want to use the one available on our website instead.

Get vaccinated at the Uithof

Going abroad on business? Taking a holiday in Egypt or Turkey? Don’t take any unnecessary health risks. KLM Travel Clinic in the Bestuursgebouw at the Uithof has a special department where students and employees can go for vaccinations, health advice, travel necessities and advice on hygiene, food- and water use and sun burn prevention.

Vaccines are in stock and can be administered straight away. Prescriptions for malaria profylaxis and (medical) care necessities are directly obtainable. Think, for instance, of anti-mosquito gear, impregnated mosquito nets, tick extractors and wound treatment kits.

KLM Travel Clinic is part of KLM Health Services, which has provided occupational health and safety services to Utrecht University since 2007. The travel information given is in accordance with the guidelines of the LCR, Landelijk Coordinatiecentrum reizigers advisering (National Coordination Centre for Travelers Health Advice).

For consultations, information and fees, phone 030-2532666 or 035 6880300, or visit www.klmtravelclinic.nl

Coming up

19 June: Final Party ESN. Party one last time with all the wonderful people you met during your stay in Utrecht. From 11 p.m. till the early hours of Saturday morning, at Dock 154 (Oudegracht a/d Werf 154). Tickets are 3 Euros if bought in advance and 4 Euros at the door. If you don't have a ticket yet, please make sure you arrive before 1.30 am; after that tickets will no longer be on sale.