Facts and Figures

In september 1998 UC started with 179 students. The firstsemester 7 students dropped out; in February 5 students wereenrolled. At the moment the total number of students is 175.

39 Students are from abroad: from the USA, Slovakia, Colombia,South Africa, Croatia, Rumania, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Israel,Nepal, Canada, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia, ElSalvador, Belgium, Kenya, Ireland, Brazil, England and Sweden. Evenmore nationalities are expected when the selection of class1999-2000, which is currently taking place, will have beencompleted.

In 1998 53 people taught at the University College, three ofwhich came from the University of Amsterdam, two from NijmegenUniversity, and two from the Utrecht Institute for HigherEducation. The others are members of the teaching staff at UtrechtUniversity, among others at the Faculties of Biology, Physics andAstronomy, Social Sciences, Arts, and Mathematics and ComputerScience.

At the moment there are two teaching buildings of 2000 m2 each.In september two more buildings will become available, raising theteaching accommodation capacity to a total of 8000 m2. As fromseptember 1999, a total of 15,700 m2 will be available for studenthousing accommodation.