Teaching awards

"Prepare properly and dont be afraid to put things inperspective", is teacher of the year Dr Math Geelen's recipe forgood education. "A teacher needs to be an entertainer." The Mebioseassociation of medical biology students nominated the biochemist,who works at the Faculty of Veterinary Science. Dr Twan Maintz (31)was proclaimed young teacher of the year last Friday during theMaster of Education ('Onderwijs Meester') conference. "The key isconcerted effort", says Maintz, who works at the Mathematics &Information Technology faculty and was nominated by the students ofthe Education Evaluation Report, OER. "If I try my best andconcentrate on the lecture and my students then it all works out."It's the seventh straight year that the UU has picked a teacher ofthe year and the second young teacher of the year award. Thewinners get cash sums and statues, and the student associations whonominated them also win a cash prize.


Utrecht University doesn't care enough about its students. Thenew university reports confirm the image created by surveys inElsevier weekly and the Keuzegids. A working party christened'Higher up the Standings' has turned in an interim report onstudent and educational facilities at nine Utrecht departmentswhich is highly critical of the lack of consideration with whichstudents are treated. A recently published Student Monitor reportsupports the criticism. Small classes, intensive supervision andpersonal attention are not terms students associate with the UU.One third of them regard the UU as not interested in itscustomers.


If the new municipal council's plans go ahead students willstand more chance of a room in one of Utrecht's more popularneighborhoods. The new city fathers want municipal rented sectorhousing spread more evenly around the city. They say more cheaperrented accommodation is needed, especially in the generally moreexpensive Eastern neighborhoods. But it also remains theirintention to build 400 student accommodation units in DeUithof.