Academic Year

Last Monday In the Dom church, at the official opening of theacademic year, Prime Minister Wim Kok told his audience that theDutch may not be the biggest spenders when it comes to educationand research, but certainly score well internationally. In hisspeech, University Board Chairman Jan Veldhuis announced the startof a full-scale programme in Economics next year.


As from late September, Utrecht University students and staffwill be enabled to go on the Internet at home against local phonetariffs and without having to pay any subscription fees. UtrechtUniversity invests NFL 500,000 in the so-called Stol Project(Students On-line). The projects aims at enabling the students andstaff of the Dutch universities and polytechnics to consult theInternet -and consequently their institutions' networks- from theirhomes and at minimal costs.

Student Unions

The bigger student unions seem to recover from the grip in whichthey have been held for years by the minister of Education, andexpress contentment rather than concern about the number of newmembers. Joris Blankers, chairman of the National UnionsAssociation (Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen LKvV), whichincludes all 'corpora', thinks that club life is regaining itsformer popularity. Probable causes: ministerial leniency as regardsthe rules and regulations of student loans, and more effective PRcampaigns by the unions themselves.

Easy Money

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