Utrecht University is doing very well financially. The budgetfor 2001 shows a surplus of NLG 5.2m, to be divided later. Inaddition, the negative impression the 2000 budget gave turned outto be adjustable in a positive sense. Current expectations are thatthere will be a surplus of NLG 15m. All this is the result of anunexpected increase in the annual financial contribution from thegovernment: the Ministry of Education is subsidizing the universitythis year to the tune of NLG 677m. Compared to previous years, thebudget increase is due to an increase in personnel costs, a growingnumber of first-year students and graduates and increased numbersof veterinary science and medicine places. The Board of Regents isputting the extra public funds into new academic programs plannedfor next year, such as Domain-oriented Economics. Extra money hasalso been set aside for new research programs, and meeting therising costs of ICT. After all this, a surplus of 5.2 millionremains. It is expected, however, that the surplus will beswallowed up by the introduction of the new Bachelors/Masterssystem.

Building renovations

The costs of renovations and new buildings at the Faculty ofVeterinary Science will amount to NLG 225m. This is 75 million morethan expected last year. The building activities will be spreadover a period of more than eight years. Many buildings belonging tothe faculty are too small for the number of students, or simply notup to modern standards, making renovations and new buildingsunavoidable. The planned project will cover buildings of verydiverse types, including garages, stables and cowsheds, adestruction plant and classrooms.


Who will carry away the Ethnic Minorities Higher Education(ECHO) Award, consisting of a work of art and a summer course atHarvard University? One thing is certain: the award will go to astudent from an ethnic minority background. The Center for EthnicMinorities in Higher Education hopes the award will encouragestudents from ethnic minorities to create a more collectiveidentity and to organize themselves in student associations. Everyuniversity can nominate two candidates. A panel of academic expertswill declare the winner on 29 March 2001. The selection criteriaare: brilliant examination results, notable talents as anadministrator or organizer and a good command of English.