With the supervision of no less than 93 doctoral dissertationsto his credit, theoretical physicist L.S. Ornstein (professor from1915 to 1941) has been declared the supervisor of the century bythe U-blad. The U-blad hunted up every dissertation defended at UUbetween 1900 and 2000 and drew up a list of the supervisors.Pharmacologist D. de Wied occupies second place on the list with 86supervisorships between 1963 and 1990. Professors from thebeginning and the end of the century alternate regularly on thelist. The fourth on the list, professor of infection studies J.Verhoef (79), was the most productive supervisor of 1999.


Many members of the academic staff at the institute of socialsciences are unhappy in their work. A study of work pressureconducted in 1998 showed that staff are frustrated by the excessivelevel of work pressure. Many show symptoms of burnout, careerprospects are dim and their involvement in decision-making withinthe institute in minimal. More than half of the institute'sacademic staff took part in the study. One conclusion was thatstaff work overtime an average of eight hours a week. The highertheir position, the more overtime hours they work.


Studium General will be launching the university-wide project"From Faust to Strangelove" next month. The program comprises tengatherings featuring lectures, films, theatrical performances,visual art and a web site on 'the - often distorted - image' of thesciences. This is the first time that different institutes anddepartmental student associations have joined forces to develop asingle educational program. Students can receive credits forwriting a weekly essay relating to a gathering. The essays will bepublished on the project's web site.


The new Uithofcafé is to be built adjacent to theEducatorium. The architect of the Educatorium, Rem Koolhaas, iscurrently drafting the designs. The café is expected to openits doors in 2002 at the earliest. Until that time a temporarycafé will be set up on the second floor of the Educatorium.The new café will have standing room for about two hundredpeople. The university has approached potential operators to runthe bar, which will feature a grand café styleatmosphere.