In June, together with 28 colleagues, Minister of EducationHermans signed the Bologna Declaration, in which it is stated thatin time Europe should have one system of higher education based onthe Anglo Saxon model. "The ultimate goal is sufficientinternational perspective for Dutch students. After all, busines isgetting more and more international, " explained Hermans afterlaunching his future plans for higher education on "Prinsjesdag".This is the day on which the Dutch parliamentary year is officiallyopened by Queen Beatrix. During the official festive ceremony,every 3rd Tuesday of September, the cabinet plans are presented.Hermans is seriously considering the Anglo Saxon model (broadgeneral education leading to a bachelor's degree, followed by amaster's degree programme). There should also be an internationalsystem of accredited programmes that meet certain basicrequirements as to the level of education they provide. This shouldoffer Dutch students better opportunities abroad. The idea ofinternationally monitoring educational quality will be subject oftalks between Hermans and his British, German and Flemishcounterparts in the near future.


From now on, those needing advice and support for their study orresearch projects in Russia, can turn to the Netherlands Institutein St Petersburg (NIP). "We offer support to all students andresearchers, irrespective of their fields of study, whetherslavonic studies or not," said K. Blansaer, head of the Institute,at the official opening earlier this week. The research andcultural centre is a project supported by the universities ofAmsterdam, Leyden, Groningen and Utrecht.

Hora est

This week Utrecht is hosting the annual Dutch Film Festival.This year's festival's theme is the film of the 20th century inretrospect, and a number of programmes offer very old material. Oneof these programmes is `Hora Est', a documentary produced in 1956to celebrate Utrecht University's 320th birthday, and to allow thetaxpayer a quick look into the Ivory Tower the university still wasat that moment. On a wintry day, a graduate takes a walk alongseveral of the university faculties in order to get an impressionof the most recent state of affairs in research and education. Theentire educational road is shown: from the arrival of first yearstudents to the final questioning of a PhD student being terminatedby the welcome words:"Hora est!" There is a discount voucher on p 8for U-blad readers interested in this film.