'I won't mind to study a lot'

A new student about her expectations

Next year a new group of students will attendUniversity College. Wies Steur is one of them. Wies is 18 years oldand spends this year in Chile. She replied to some questionsconcerning her activities and her motivation to attend UniversityCollege.

What have you been doing the last 18 years?

You can do quite a lot in 18 years and I guess I did. I was bornin Pasto, Colombia. When I was about one year old I came to live atmy grandparent's in Weert for some time. At the age of three Ilived in Syria for one year. Afterwards I lived in the Philippinesfor five years. At the age of nine I moved back to the Netherlands:Ede, then Gameren (a little spot near Zaltbommel), and eventuallyHeeswijk-Dinther (a spot almost just as little, near Veghel), wheremy mother settled as a General Practitioner.

I finished High School over there. Of that school I have somegood memories especially of the international projects that wereorganized and in which I participated, and, of course, the timethat I was a member of the party committee and chairman of thepupils' council. Right now I am in Chile attending classes at theUniversity of Concepcìon. My main goal is learning Spanish andgetting to know the Chilean culture and country.

Why are you going to attend University College?

I would like to know a lot about many things. At secondaryschool I really hated to drop subjects in tenth grade. At UC I cando many different things and I like that very much. Furthermore,the international atmosphere appeals to me. I am quite interestedin other countries and cultures, that's why I am in Chile rightnow, and I expect to encounter some at UC.

What was the procedure you had to go through before you wereadmitted?

First I had to send in an application form together with aletter of recommendation by my principal and a personal letter ofmotivation. This was followed by an interview; I was very nervous.But, it turned out to be a relaxed talk and two weeks later Ireceived a letter saying I was admitted: Hurrah!

How much time are you planning to spend on yourstudies?

That is hard to say. I am planning to join a studentsociety andto do sports. Maybe I will become an active member of Groen Linksand of course I would also like to spend time on my social life. Ithink I will manage and since I can choose the courses I like, Iwon't mind if it turns out that I will have to study a lot.

Do you think University College is an elitistinstitute?

It's something I am afraid of. I mean its quite expensive andbeside that, it is a group of people selected on the basis ofcertain traits. Next, the fact that you all live together on acampus does not stimulate contact with other students, does it? Butthen, I think that's something you yourself can control.

Dirkjan Koch