Mark Zwart: Seven questions

A top UC student with a truly internationalbackground, Mark (20) was born in Soest, but spent five years ofhis life in Colombia and another nine in Ecuador.

What is the worst aspect of yourpersonality?

I think I tend to be inconsistent. I have my moods, when I seethings the way they should not be seen. I've tried to improve abit, but I also want to accept myself the way I am when I have abad day.

Who is your favourite writer?

Phillip Jancey. He's an author who's very open to the problemsin Christianity. I also like C.S. Lewis, especially his approach tophilosophy. I admire his ability to put complicated truths intochildren's stories.

What event are you looking forward to?

I have a serious relationship, and I don't really like theprospect of waiting another six or seven years to be married.Everything has been going pretty well so far, and I believemarriage is not going to change it.

Which day of your life would you like torepeat?

I remember the day when my girlfriend and I started goingsteady. That's an important point in a relationship, makes it moreserious. I think before you decide on that, you should be done withhigh school, and have more time for each other.

What is your attitude towards science?

I don't believe everything science says is true. I'm not sure ifit's within our capability to describe things in terms oftraditional, ordinary biology.

What is the best poem you know?

Generally, I like Emily Dickinson's poe-try. I like theway she presents her ideas, although I don't necessarily agree withall of them. But in poetry there's a lot of room for your personalinterpretation.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being at peace with God and one's fellow human beings.

Anna Cieslik