Seen Around Campus

At University College there are a large number ofcommittees and societies, organized by the students. Examples ofthese societies are UCSA, the career committee, the UC magazine'Boomerang', the Sports committee, the Bar committee, the Promcommittee, a Yearbook committee and there is also CAT, the CampusAssistance Team. Four of these committees will behighlighted.


Boomerang is the University College magazine. It was started onthe 6th of June, 1998, on a masterclass day organized by thecollege. About ten enthusiastic people decided that their futurecampus needed a newspaper to keep students informed and amused.Dirk-Jan Koch was the magazine's first chief editor and he and hisstaff decided to call it 'Boomerang'. Boomerang is a synonym forthe very literal translation of the name of the campus grounds:Kromhout. Up to this day Boomerang tries to keep students informedof what is going on, on-campus and off-campus. Every semester a neweditorial board is appointed. Whoever is interested in the job canapply. Not being on the editiorial staff does not mean that aperson cannot write for Boomerang: many people have at some pointcontributed to Boomerang, truly making it the magazine of a closecommunity.

Laura van Veenendaal

The University College Prom

The First University College Prom was an event many of us willnever forget. The smiles of the ladies, all dressed up in beautifullong dresses, and their dates as they came into the hall, thedelicatessen provided in the University College Dining Hall whichhad undergone a complete metamorphosis, and, of course, thebeautiful setting of the 'USC Societeit' at Janskerkhof, are someimages that will always remain in many of the UC student's minds.Those who were lucky will remember the Casino quite well, and thosewho had a little too much to drink will still have the photographsmade by the professional photographer to help them remember. TheUniversity College Prom was the first UC prom ever and a greatsuccess. This first Prom was an unforgettable experience for thefirst year students. Hopefully, it will become a tradition thatmany future UC students will thoroughly enjoy.

Hilla Dotan

Shakespeare Performance

University College Utrecht has split the academic year into twosemesters of fifteen weeks. This means that students at UC have twolong holiday periods: the entire month of January, and June throughAugust. Last January, some students wanted to give a dramatic twistto their holiday and decided to stage a play. The play was to beacted out and produced by University College students. Soon theperfect script wasm picked: Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night'sDream. For three weeks fourteen students worked hard to make theirdream of a dramatic production come true under the guidance of aprofessional director. In the weekend of 30 and 31 January, theyperformed parts of Shakespeare's famous play in the twice sold-outauditorium of the Fortis Building in Rijnsweerd. Both performanceswere a huge success and a marvellous beginning of the secondsemester.


College Bar

Even University College students need to take a break and relaxevery now and then. Of course they can go into the city and visit abar or disco, but sometimes it is very convenient to have a placecloser to home and where everybody knows your name. The College Baris just such a place. Situated conveniently right next to theDining Hall, this is the place to go when students need to relax,have fun or forget their troubles. A darts partner is always nearat hand, and if that doesn't please them, they can just listen tosome music or talk to friends. On many Wednesday nights there areparties, organized by Primus (the only campus "year club"), thecultural and international committee or the party committee. Thoseparties are the perfect occasion to find a new boyfriend orgirlfriend, a popular UC sport.