SIB-Utrecht Symposium: Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity. [sub title] Shaping identity: why, how, and what influence do I have? Join May 7th, at Instituto Cervantes

How did you come to be who you are, at any age? What are the drives behind the shaping of your identity, and how can you take an active role in it? During SIB-Utrecht’s Symposium ‘Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity’, we will explore these questions through talks and workshops at which you can pick the brains of experts, and learn about tangible ways to actively participate in shaping who you are and your place in the world. Join us on May 7th, at Instituto Cervantes. ‘Becoming. An Inquiry on Identity.’ is this year’s version of the annual symposium SIB-Utrecht organizes. SIB is an association for students who want more from their student life; to learn more about the world outside their studies, and to have more fun with like-minded people. Get more info and your tickets to the symposium here.