Utrecht, September 12 2017. The University Council of Utrecht University noted the appointment of Dutch parliamentary member Pieter Duisenberg as new chairman of the VSNU. During his time as spokesman of higher education for the VVD, he made statements that did not match the interests of Utrecht University. The executive board members of all universities affiliated with the VSNU have unanimously approved Duisenberg's appointment. The University council is curious to know what considerations played a role in the appointment of Duisenberg.

Gwenny Jongebloed, chair of the student members of the University Council: “We have noticed some commotion concerning the Duisenberg's appointment. We are very curious to hear what the Executive Board thinks about this, as they have approved his appointment.” In the plenary session on September 18, the council will discuss the issue with the Board. The council members are confident that the Board has taken these concerns into consideration and are curious to know how the Board has made their decision.

To BNR Nieuwsradio, Duisenberg said that he would be interested in discussing the matter with students and staff. The council would like to do so, and has invited him to Utrecht.