Dear PhD Candidates,

We need your help! :)

We are currently working on our thesis project and conducting research on mental health in PhD’s. We would be very grateful, if you could take about 15-20 minutes to fill out our online questionnaire.

At the end of the questionnaire there is the option for you to take part in a lottery and have the possibility to win a 15 Euro voucher. There are 20 vouchers for approximately 250 participants - chances are high ! :)

You can find more information about the study below:

As we are determined to find ways to improve your work environment and psychological well-being we are investigating possible detrimental stressors and beneficial stressors coping mechanisms amongst PhD candidates. Particular focus is put on developing possible targeted interventions to reduce psychological stress during PhD projects in terms of improving  work conditions but also finding ways to cope better with a stressful work environment.

We are a group of psychology students, supervised by Gwennis Bärthel ( and Selena Dolderer ( If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or directly contact our supervisors to learn more about the purpose, relevance and organisational background of the study.


We are aware that this can be a sensitive topic and therefore we would like to reassure you that your data is going to be treated confidentially and will not be linked to any of your personal information.

Thank you very much for participating,

Brandon Thompson
Hendrik Hofmann
Hoyoung Suh
Hendertje Wierenga
Judith Freytag
Jana Schöppe
Katharina Runge
Marten Thee
Nandi Abrahams
Nora Lohlein
Thyra von der Decken
Wiebke Bruhns