Exchange Student of the Year award for Levi Hildebrand

Levi Hildebrand studies Geography at the University of Victoria. Currently he is on exchange in the Netherlands and in addition to his studie he is a filmmaker. You can find Levi's videos on YouTube. He started his exchange in September of 2017 and he will leave this week. But, he might be coming back soon though!

Levi: "I guess I made an impression on these lovely staff members through some videos I made commenting on the issues of international student housing in the Netherlands. They invited me to "have coffee" and I was fairly certain that I was in trouble for something but then they gave me a  (previously non-existent) 'Exchange Student of the Year' award for such notable feats such as "Outstanding Vlog Skills" and "Excellent Hair and Smile". Jokes aside it was such an awesome ego boost to get this playful little gift from the awesome people at the International Student office. It's people like these that make the incredible experiences I've had overseas possible!"



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