searching volunteers in order to break KNAW 's Omertà (2)

<p>a&nbsp; little lulz thought experiment charmed me to such heights that i had to yield to it&#39;s realz discharge.</p>
<p>Might we blast away @_KNAW &#39;s &nbsp;<a href=" circles</a>&nbsp; by playfully &nbsp;tagging our @_knaw &nbsp;tweets with #RevsInSound during Red Bull Music Academy&#39;s celebratory&nbsp;<a href="">&quot;Revolutions in Sound&quot;</a> -project at London&#39;s&nbsp; Eye of Mordor ?&nbsp; Unfortunatly this idea only popped into my head minutes before this event unfolded so it was not possible for me &nbsp;to organise our swarm in due time.<br />
    &nbsp;<br />
    My efforts i herewith substantiate with this little &nbsp; <a href="">video-report</a>&nbsp; and some tweets in a&nbsp; <a href="">pearl</a>&nbsp;.</p>
<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="352" src="//" width="551"></iframe></p>
<p><br />
    While @RedBull &#39;s&nbsp; &nbsp;Eye of Mordor&nbsp; &nbsp;instantly saw but&nbsp; (mis)recognized my guerilla tactics , roared with laughter,&nbsp; &amp;&nbsp; <a href="">favourited</a>&n... lulz&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="">(mirror)</a>&nbsp; the @_KNAW could do nothing but&nbsp; persist in her&nbsp;circles of silence.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>So here is my question:&nbsp; &nbsp;i&#39;am searching for volunteers who still would like to participate in this (sub)project of &quot;Breaking KNAW&#39;s Omert&agrave;&quot; .&nbsp; You can easily do so without further boring registration procedures by means of&nbsp; a simple <a href="">RT</a>&nbsp;;&nbsp; so as to tickle the&nbsp; @_KNAW into her willful submission. ;-)</p>
<p>If you have other spin-off ideas please feel free to start-up your one ventures&nbsp;</p>
<p>but please &nbsp;do&nbsp; keep us informed ;-)</p>